Ieva Samauska - „Oliņš Boliņš sēž uz soliņa” / Humpty Dumpty Sits on a Bench

Ieva Samauska was born in the town of Saldus in 1969. She studied journalism at the University of Latvia. She has worked in periodical press for various magazines. For the last 10 years she has worked for the weekly women’s magazine Ieva, which has published many of her stories. Her first book Starp diviem sirdspukstiem (Between Two Heartbeats) was published by Arka in 2004. She has garnered several literary prizes and been nominated for numerous others. In 2014 she published three books: Govs uz bagāžnieka (The Cow on the Luggage Carrier) by Pētergailis Publishers, Oliņš Boliņš sēž uz soliņa (Humpty Dumpty Sits on a Bench) by Zvaigzne ABC and Ķiķināšanas gadalaiks (The Season of the Giggles) by Lietusdārzs Publishers.