Nominees for the Annual Latvian Literature Award Announced

Annual Latvian Literature Award (LALIGABA) is the most important event celebrating literature in Latvia and providing professional assessment of literary works and recognition of authors for their outstanding works published in Latvia during the year.

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Annual Latvian Literary Award ceremony

This Thursday, 21 April, Spīķeri concert hall hosted the Annual Latvian Literary Award (LALIGABA) ceremony. LALIGABA award ceremony is held annually since 2000, and in the last six years it has earned itself a specially high prestige within the Latvian cultural scene. Currently, the ceremony is organised by the International Writers and Translators House, the Latvian Writers' Union, and the Ministry of Culture. It is considered to be the most important event of the year in Latvian literary industry, thus ensuring highly professional evaluation of works published during the year, as well as rewarding only the most outstanding authors.

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Procedure Every year from October through April the panel of judges shall review and evaluate all works entered for the award. In March the panel of judges shall nominate the best works in each category and select a writer for the lifetime achievement award. In March/April the shortlist shall be published in the home pages of the organizers and in other media.
In April, the winners in each category are chosen by the experts and announced in an award ceremony which is annually arranged by the organizers together with supporters and executors of the award.

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Visual of the Prize

Since 2013, the the award is also a practical light fitting – a book-shaped table lamp. 
This concept was selected in a contest won by the studio ''Mājo'' designers Baiba Lindāne and Uģis Gailis (

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